Add IP in window server by script

(1) Prepare a list of IP that you want to add

(2) Create a batch file (.bat file ) inserting with following code to automatically pump in IP aliases. Add in line by line if many IP

netsh int ip add address “Primary LAN” IP

(3) Execute in command prompt.

Reference: Mr David Ch’ng

MSTSC (Remote Desktop Protocol)

MSTSC option
MSTSC /Edit”ConnectionFile”
MSTSC /migrate

ConnectionFile The name of an RDP file for connection

/v: The remote computer to connect to

/console Connect to the console of a server (NT/XP)
/Admin Connect to a session for administering the server(Vista/2008)

/f Start in Full Screen mode

/w:width Width of the RDP screen
/h:height Height of the RDP screen

/span Match the Remote Desktop width and height with the local virtual
desktop, spanning across multiple monitors if necessary.(Vista/2008)

/public Run Remote Desktop in public mode. (Vista/2008)
In public mode, passwords and bitmaps are not cached.

/edit Open the RDP file for editing.
/migrate Convert a legacy Client connection file into an .RDP file


MSTSC /v:MyServer /f /console
MSTSC /v: /w:1024 /h:768
MSTSC /v:MyServer /w:800 /h:600
MSTSC /edit filename.rdp

Disable the core dump

(1) nano /usr/sbin/httpd

(2) add line as below

ulimit -c 0

(3) save file

(4) restart httpd

Done 🙂

What is Core file

A core file is created when a program terminates unexpectedly, due to a bug, or a violation of the operating system’s or hardware’s protection mechanisms. The operating system kills the program and creates a core file that programmers can use to figure out what went wrong. It contains a detailed description of the state that the program was in when it died.

.htaccess editor

Lazy to make your own .htaccess? Try site as below 🙂 , what a great tool for lazy people like me 🙂

Free site to generate .htaccess here