QR Code for the google map


(1) Open Google Maps

(2) Add Your location to Google Maps

(3) Once you’ve found your place in the results list, click to go to your Place Page.

(4) On your Place page, click the Link icon at top right of page and copy the displayed URL.


(5) Paste the URL into the URL for QR Code textbox (you can use http://goqr.me/ to generate QR code) and it will auto display the QR Code.


(6) Test the displayed QR Code with QR code scanner to check that it opens the correct Place Page

(7) Download it if it correct link to the map page. Done.

How to disable the shutdown/reboot privilege for RDP user


This is the step to disable the shutdown/restart/suspend/hibernate options in the start menu.

(1) Open the Local Group Policy Editor by Start > Run > Enter gpedit.msc
(2) Go to User Configuration > Administrative Templates/ Start Menu and Taskbar
(3) Enable “Remove and prevent access to the Shut Down, Restart, Sleep, and Hibernate commands”



But How to add some RDP user to allow reboot, here is the step

(1) Log in with administrative rights
(2) Start > Run > Enter secpol.msc (Security Policy Editor).
(3) Go to Local Policy > User Right Assignment
(4) Locate the “Shut down the system” , you can see the user that have privilege on it. Just right click > properties , then you can add the user on it.