Are you ready for, a replacement of Hotmail?

On Aug 1, we know that the interface of the hotmail have change. But behind the story is Microsoft is in the process of killing-off its much maligned Hotmail web-based email and replacing it with Wow, is that a big news?

Well, myself have important @hotmail account, do it will terminated in future? So far, no one have answer on it. But for precaution step, it better to create a Outlook alias

(1) log into the by your account
(2) click on the settings > More mail settings
(3) Select the Create a Outlook alias
(4) and create an account @

it will auto link to your hotmail account and the coolest thing is, when you send mail, you still have selection where you can select either or

Grap yourself a username ASAP, I know it “selling fast” 🙂

Top ten Fetures by IBNLIVE

1. has a new design that Microsoft says uses 60 per cent fewer pixels but 30 per cent more messages visible in the inbox

2. connects to Facebook and Twitter to enrich conversations. Users can view recent status by friends and Tweets shared by friends.

3. Users can chat with Facebook users and other Outlook users from inside

4. Users can open, edit and share Word, Excel and PowerPoint files in

5. Outlook’s address book integrates contacts from Facebook and LinkedIn.

6. With users can make Skype video calls even when both users don’t have Skype installed. This feature will be rolled out soon.

7. Photographs attached with emails can be viewed as a slideshow.

8. comes integrated with with Microsoft’s cloud storage service SkyDrive, this removes the restrictions of attachment size limits.

9. automatically detects mass messages such as newsletters, offers, daily deals and social updates and puts them in separate folders. Users can customize the process to sort mail any way they want to.

10. Existing Hotmail users can upgrade to the preview and their email address, password, contacts, old email, and rules will remain unchanged. They can continue to send and receive email from their or or address.

3 Replies to “Are you ready for, a replacement of Hotmail?”

  1. OK in case nobody has figured this whole change. Its really because of tablets. Because who else cares that it uses less pixels except tablet users? Or that it displays more message then someone with a very small screen like a tablet. This again is Microsoft designing a web app that favors tablets without considering PC users its primary base of users. If I am forced into over Hotmail I will have to find another email option.

  2. I do not like the change from hotmail – yes there were a few areas that needed improvement – but this is a MASSIVE step backwards – I HATE IT (from an msn user of 17 years!!)

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