Dynamic DNS – The automated rapid record updates

DNS which is know as Domain Name System which the record is key in manually and fix. When the DNS record is edited, it will always take 1-2 hours to fully resolved. By using the DNS, the server need to have a fixed IP. If you use the dynamic IP, the domain DNS record need to edit if the server dynamic IP is change to other dynamic IP. To address the issue of rapid change of dynamic IP (if the server is using the dynamic IP), Dynamic DNS might be the solution.
Dynamic Domain Name System or DDNS, is the solution if the server is using the dynamic IP. The basic idea is replace the IP by hostname, and the hostname A record will rapid change when the IP of that server is change. For the domain that use the DNS , the A record insert manually which normally use the fixed IP. The reason is because the A record will not change if there is no edit done. For the DDNS, the domain A record will change if the server IP is change. Here is the diagram.  Continue reading “Dynamic DNS – The automated rapid record updates”


DNS server is to translate this human-readable web address (like kcyeap.net) into a computer-readable number also known as an IP address (

So What is OpenDNS?

OpenDNS is a DNS (Domain Name System) resolution service. OpenDNS extends DNS adding features such as as misspelling correction, phishing protection, and optional content filtering. It provides a ad-supported service[2][3] “showing relevant ads when we [show] search results” and a paid advertisement-free service.

How to configure it?can refer here

Just remember, and is the openDNS

For those who hate your ISP DNS ( as usually it suck) , you can use the OpenDNS, it free anyways 🙂