Diagram tool: CACOO


On the daily work, we might need to draw out lots of diagram, such as flow chart, network, organation chart.

Usually we can use Visio, Excel to assit on this. But that do have a lot of online tools today allow you to do it online without any installation.

The tools that I recommend is CACOO , it offer range of diagram to select.


Another cool things that I always use is, share. You can share the diagram among your friend.


So if you looking the simple diagram drawing tools, you can consider this. You might use this link to register the account, I can earn some extra sheets.


QR Code for the google map


(1) Open Google Maps

(2) Add Your location to Google Maps

(3) Once you’ve found your place in the results list, click to go to your Place Page.

(4) On your Place page, click the Link icon at top right of page and copy the displayed URL.


(5) Paste the URL into the URL for QR Code textbox (you can use http://goqr.me/ to generate QR code) and it will auto display the QR Code.


(6) Test the displayed QR Code with QR code scanner to check that it opens the correct Place Page

(7) Download it if it correct link to the map page. Done.

Remote access tools : Teamviewer

Today (a bit late then all computer expert) I learn about one tools named teamviewer, a tools that allow user to remote access to client terminal. And the coolest thing about the teamviewer is

(1) Free
(2) Easy to use
(3) Secure ( use full encryption based on 1024bit RSA private/public key exchange and 256 Bit AES session encoding)
(4) Support Mobile Platgform

More detail on Teamviewer

You can download the at here and install it.

The step to use is quit straight forward.

(1) Install it

(2) Execute it

(3) Copy the ID and Password pass to the personnel that want to remote access

(4) Use the detail on terminal that want to connect to

(5) Connect

That all, simple and nice!!!

How to set redirection by

IIS Redirect

(1) In internet services manager, right click on the file or folder you wish to redirect
(2) Select the radio titled “a redirection to a URL”.
(3) Enter the redirection page
(4) Check “The exact url entered above” and the “A permanent redirection for this resource”
(5) Click on ‘Apply’

ColdFusion Redirect

<.cfheader statuscode="301" statustext="Moved permanently">
<.cfheader name="Location" value="http://www.new-url.com">

PHP Redirect

Header( "HTTP/1.1 301 Moved Permanently" );
Header( "Location: http://www.new-url.com" );

ASP Redirect

<%@ Language=VBScript %>
Response.Status="301 Moved Permanently"
Response.AddHeader "Location","http://www.new-url.com/"

ASP .NET Redirect

<script runat="server">
private void Page_Load(object sender, System.EventArgs e)
Response.Status = "301 Moved Permanently";

JSP (Java) Redirect

response.setHeader( "Location", "http://www.new-url.com/" );
response.setHeader( "Connection", "close" );

CGI PERL Redirect

$q = new CGI;
print $q->redirect("http://www.new-url.com/");

Ruby on Rails Redirect

def old_action
headers["Status"] = "301 Moved Permanently"
redirect_to "http://www.new-url.com/"

.htaccess redirect

RewriteEngine on
rewritecond %{http_host} ^domain.com [nc]
rewriterule ^(.*)$ http://www.domain.com/$1 [r=301,nc]