File upload limit in classic ASP on IIS 7

IIS7 ASP default upload file only set to 200kb!!!! Yes, there is true. Now a days, even one image is larger then that. It not a pratical way to leave as 200kb upload for ASP, so below is the method to increase it.

(1) Lauch IIS ( Windows 2008: Go into Administrative tools > server Manager > expand Roles > expand Webserver > click on IIS)

(2) click on the ASP icon

(3) Increase the maxRequestEntityAllowed , the number unit is based on bits.

(4) Increase it and apply it. Done.

short cut, run the command line as below

appcmd set config /section:asp /maxRequestEntityAllowed:104857600

NOTE: The extending of this value may increase the window for DDOS attack

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