How to trigger .asp file in schedule task

If you have .asp or .aspx file that need to run the schedule task. Well, for Window, there is no option to lauch/load the page on the task schedule setting. So you can create schedule task to load the asp/aspx page.

How? Basically, you need to create 2 file. *.vbs and *.bat.

(1) create one .vbs file as script as below

Call Send_HTTP_Request()
Sub Send_HTTP_Request()
On Error Resume Next
Dim objRequest
Set objRequest = CreateObject("Microsoft.XMLHTTP")
URL = "" "POST", URL , false
Set objRequest = Nothing
End Sub

Note: Replace the url where the .aspx is

(2) Create a .bat file to trigger the .vbs file

CScript C:\YourScript.vbs

Note: Replace the path of the vbs file

(3) Create a schedule task to trigger the .bat file

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