How to update the phpbb3 to latest version by Automatic Update Package


Below is the simple step to update the update the phpbb3 version

(01) Download the Automatic Update Package

(02) upload to the zip/bz2 files to the path that content config.php

(03) unzip the file that uploaded.

(04) broswe the install folder by your internet broswer

(05) Then you will go to the update page, select update

(06) Click proceed to next step

(07) Update database

(08) Continue the update proceed now (it while take a while to finish)

(09) After that, it will auto check the file that need to update

(10) Go to bottom of the page and select the Download modified files archive (it will also take a while)

(11) Select the file type (tar/tar.gz/zip) that you prefer and download it

(12) Upload it to the path that you upload the Update Package

(13) unzip it and replace all the files

(14) click check files again

(15) you will see the message update successfull

(16) Remove the install folder and check wherther your config.php file in 644 permission

(17) Relogin your administaror page again.

(18) Finish

Ps: Do backup your phpBB web files and database before start the update. My forum have crash when my first attempt.

Good luck. 🙂