iftop installation step

iftop command displays real-time network bandwidth usage. It displays the network usage of a specific interface on the host. Using iftop you can identify which host is responsible for slowing down your network.

(1) First, ensure this 2 module is install in your server. If not, install it. (of course, your server need to have module “Development Tools” such as gcc)

yum install libpcap-devel
yum install libpcap

(2) Download the iftop source code to /usr/src

cd /usr/src
wget http://www.ex-parrot.com/~pdw/iftop/download/iftop-0.17.tar.gz

(3) Unzip and install it

gzip -d iftop-0.17.tar.gz
tar xvf iftop-0.17.tar
cd iftop-0.17
make install

Please visit iftop site for latest version.

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