Restore InnoDB database from RAW file (Window)

Note:  ensure the mysql version is same in both server, and also have the root password.

(1) create VM and install the same version of mysql that need to restore

(2) Stop the mysql service

(3) Restore the file as below to your VM

-database raw file (.frm files)
-mysql raw file
-ibdata1 (InnoDB data files)
-ib_logfile1 (InnoDB log files)
-ib_logfile0 (InnoDB log files)

(4) Start the mysql service
-in this step, you may discover the mysql service unable to start. Hence you need to confirm that all setting is same with the database previous host

(5) Dump the db out as .sql
-You need to use the previous host root password as your mysql is restore as previous host.

Done, you have save the world….



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