lvm (Linux Logical Volume Manager) command


lvm layout

pvdisplay – shows you the current state of your physical volumes.

vgdisplay – shows you all volume groups

lvdisplay – shows you all logical volumes

lvscan – shows you all active volumes (disks)

lvs – is like lvscan but shows you less detail.

pvscan – scans all disks for physical volumes and shows disk space.

All about CSF (ConfigServer Security & Firewall)


To add IP address in to deny list

csf -d IP

To add IP address in to allow list

csf -a IP

How to restart csf firewall

csf -r

How to stop csf firewall

csf -x

Path of CSF configuration file on cPanel server


Path of denied IP addresses file in CSF


Path of allowed IP address file in CSF


How to add IP address in to ignorelist

(1) login to shell

(2) add IP address in to /etc/csf/csf.ignore

How to find IP address blocked in temporary ban

grep IP /etc/csf/csf.tempban


How to add mysql user manually

It may too easy for the mysql expert out there, it just a simple sharing to the Mysql Amateur user.

If you have SSH, just type “mysql” then you will be in mysql command screen

(1) First create user first

CREATE USER ‘dbuser‘@’localhost’ IDENTIFIED BY ‘password‘;

(2) Assign it to the database

GRANT ALL ON db.* TO ‘dbuser‘@’localhost’;

db: your database name
dbuser: your database username
password: the password