Linux history log

For the user that use the Linux, it will be important to know where is the history log file need to check

Shell command -line history


or use the command


show the history by date


MySql query history


Summary of Fields in EXIM Log Lines

A authenticator name (and optional id)
C SMTP confirmation on delivery command list for “no mail in SMTP session
CV certificate verification status
D duration of “no mail in SMTP session
DN distinguished name from peer certificate
DT on => lines: time taken for a delivery
F sender address (on delivery lines)
H host name and IP address
I local interface used
id message id for incoming message
P on <= lines: protocol used , on => and ** lines: return path
QT on => lines: time spent on queue so far, on “Completed” lines: time spent on queue
R on <= lines: reference for local bounce, on => ** and == lines: router name
S size of message
ST shadow transport name
T on <= lines: message subject (topic), on => ** and == lines: transport name
U local user or RFC 1413 identity
X TLS cipher suite