Window 7 ShortCut Key

I have done some online research, found many useful window 7 shortcut key, it very useful. Kindly have a look. 😉

Win+Home Clear all but the active window
Win+Space All windows become transparent so you can see through to the desktop
Win+↓ If the current window is maximized, restore it; if the current window is restored, minimize it
Win+← Dock the current window to the left half of the screen
Win+→ Dock the current window to the right half of the screen
Win+T Focus and scroll through items on the taskbar
Win+P Adjust presentation settings for your display
Win+(+/-) Zoom in/out
Shift+Click a taskbar item Open a new instance of that application
Win+Shift+← Move current window to the left monitor (with dual monitors)
Win+Shift+→ Move current window to the right monitor (with dual monitors)
Alt+P show/hide the preview panel
Ctrl+Click Cycle between windows in a group
Middle Click Open a new instance of the program
Ctrl+Shift+Click Open a new instance of the program as Administrator
Shift+Right-Click Show window menu
Alt+F4 Close the active window
Alt+Tab Switch to previous active window
Alt+Esc Cycle through all open windows
Win+Tab Flip 3D
Ctrl+Win+Tab Persistent Flip 3D
Win+T Cycle through applications on taskbar
Win+M Minimize all open windows
Win+Shift+M Undo all window minimization
Win+D Toggle showing the desktop
Win+1 Open the first program on your Quick Launch bar
Win+2 Open the second program on your Quick Launch bar
Win+n Open the nth program on your Quick Launch bar
Win+U Open the ease of access center
Win+F Open the search window
Win+X Open the Mobility Center
Win+E Open Explorer
Win+R Open the Run window
Win+B Move focus to notification tray (the right-most portion of the taskbar)
Win+P Open the projection menu (generally used for laptops connected to projectors)
Win+Pause Open the System Properties portion from the Control Panel
Ctrl+Shift+Esc Open Windows Task Manager
Win, →, Enter Shutdown
Win, →, →, R Restart
Win, →, →, S Sleep
Win, →, →, W Switch Users
Win+L Locks computer
Alt+← Go back
Alt+→ Go forward
Alt+↑ Go up a directory
Alt+D Move focus to address bar
Alt+D, Tab Move focus to search bar
Alt+Enter Open the Properties window of the current selection
Ctrl+Mousewheel Change the view type
Alt+P Show/hide the preview pane