How to attach your local drive to RDP

(1) Open Remote Desktop Connection

(2) Click on Option

(3) Select Local Resources

(4) Click on the More button under the Local devices and resources

(5) Tick on your Drive

(6) Then connect

After login, you will see your local drive in your server.

File upload limit in classic ASP on IIS 7

IIS7 ASP default upload file only set to 200kb!!!! Yes, there is true. Now a days, even one image is larger then that. It not a pratical way to leave as 200kb upload for ASP, so below is the method to increase it.

(1) Lauch IIS ( Windows 2008: Go into Administrative tools > server Manager > expand Roles > expand Webserver > click on IIS)

(2) click on the ASP icon

(3) Increase the maxRequestEntityAllowed , the number unit is based on bits.

(4) Increase it and apply it. Done.

short cut, run the command line as below

appcmd set config /section:asp /maxRequestEntityAllowed:104857600

NOTE: The extending of this value may increase the window for DDOS attack