Windows server 2012 essentials won’t finish installation??

When you install the Window Server 2012, you assume that the installation is done and click on the dashboard, if you receive the error as below, it mean that the setup is not complete yet.

Microsoft have allow you to access to the Window server 2012 even you not done with the setup? Well I think it was a bug where you need to trigger the installation by some step and not by one button. Weird……

How was the step?

(1)Open explorer.exe
(2)search for the file setupmon.exe in C:\Program Files\Windows Server\Bin
(3)run it as administrator
(4)the installation will continue again

(5) It will prompt you with the message what is the cause the installation is not completed just now. For my case, the ram and disk space is not sufficient.

(6) Follow the step and configure it. And well done , you finally finish setup Windows server 2012.

PS: If your server only have 4GB of ram, forget about upgrade to Windows server 2012.

Windows Server 2012: How to logoff/logout?

There is few method to logoff from the Window 2012. Please refer as below

Method A: Normal Way

(1) Move your mouse over the upper right corner (1st red box)

(2) It will come out 3 button as 2nd red box

The upper button, Search button.

The middle button, Start Menu.

The lower button, Settings button.

(3) Click on the Setting button.

(4) Click on the Power Button

(5) Select Disconnect

Method B: Alternative way

Open task manager and disconnect under USER tab

Method C: Faster Way
(1) Open PowerShell window
(2) Just type in


So, just choose the method you prefer.